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Join the European Paratroopers Association, become part of the world's most exclusive military parachutist organization.

Airborne School 21

Take part in the absolute best airborne training available on the European Continent and qualify as military parachutist.


Training Center

Special Operations Warfare Training

The Military Training Center (MTC) is the Special Operations Warfare training branch of the European Paratroopers. The MTC provides basic, advanced and specialized special operations training and have done since 2004 when this center of the European Paratroopers Association was formed. The Center operates to the highest NATO military standards and it is our intention to continue to provide our students with the highest level of training. That's why we employs the most highly experienced and dedicated group of multinational instructors to ensure that our students learn the latest advanced skills they need to succeed in a 21st century special operations warfare environment. The MTC has been a military and law enforcement training provider and leader for more than one decade. In that time, multiple MTC students have directly or indirectly used our battle proven training methods as a basis to reduce threats and save lives. We proudly credit our industry longevity to the success of our students and their agencies. We utilize the best practices of instruction and place major emphasis on academics, fundamentals, tactics and instructors. Our centers provide a wide variety of realistic and innovative basic, advanced and specialized special operations training courses employing training programs modeled on thats of the NATO's Special Operations Forces (SOF). The techniques that we teach are those designed and suitable for military and law enforcement use of force situations. The training cadre at MTC makes every effort to ensure our courses are professionally and constructively conducted. We strive to deliver this service through challenging, yet enjoyable courses. Our goal is to impart relevant skills and information that can reduce threats and save lives. We have set the training and qualification standards that many other professional organizations follow. All of our military and law enforcement courses are reviewed and approved by the Defense Agency and follow the NATO Standards. Founded by former members of European and North American elite military forces, the Military Training Center (MTC) provides integrated training solutions for professionals operating in the NATO and friendly countries military communities as well as for governments and corporate. MTC's management team combines extensive experience in military and law enforcement special operations. The senior management team has extensive operational experience in theatres of warfare ranging from the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan to the Middle East, Africa and Gulf of Aden. Drawing on a lifetime of experience in conventional and special operations warfare, MTC has gathered a dedicated team of professionals instructors who are all experts in their respective fields. We offer a wide range of training courses covering military and law enforcement needs, such as Combat Shooting, Basic and Advanced Marksmanship, Special Operation Sniper, Urban Warfare, Special Reaction Team (SRT), Counter-terrorism, Police Sniper, Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T.), Tactical Waterborne, Air Assault, Military Parachuting (Airborne) and Military Free Fall (MFF), Combat Diver, Amphibious Reconnaissance, Tactical Waterborne, Field Medic and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Close Quarter Combat (CQC), Fast Rope, Tactical Rappelling, Hand To Hand (H2H), Close Protection and Personal Security Detail (PSD), etc.