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New Parachutes For EPA

Sunday, 12 May 2013 09:53
The European Paratrooper Association - Military Training Center's Airborne Division's mission is proud to offer our members one of the most safe, true and realistic military parachuting training available on the European continent. For that reason we are proud to announce that we have bought 10 new MC1-1C main parachutes and related MIRPS reserve parachutes. The new parachutes have replaced the dependable but now largely obsolete OVP-68/76A parachutes used in the past years in the Czech Republic. The European Paratroopers' entire parachute stock is made up of the MC1-1C military parachute - one of the most efficient parachutes used by airborne forces throughout the world - and has an average age of three years, making them some of the youngest in Europe. This enables us to offer you, your team, and your comrades a better airborne training opportunity than ever before. For the European Paratrooper Association the MC1-1C was a logical choice, as it offers greater maneuverability, exceptional performance and achieves a lower rate of descent compared to the OVP-68 system. The MC1-1C is static-line deployed and consists of 35-ft nylon rip-stop parabolic canopy equipped with anti-inversion net skirt, which greatly reduces the probability of deployment malfunctions, thus increasing the system's reliability. Steering capability is provided by two control lines that control the slots in the rear of the canopy. The low porosity canopy fabric and its design solutions result in a reduced rate of descent. The new parachutes together with our training cadre, which is made up of the best European and North American jump masters, airborne instructors, and riggers will increase the capacity and potential of our Airborne Division and will support the Association's training program expansion for 2013. Our airborne events are and will always be true military static line, round' chute jump events. Remember no 'skydiving' with civilian parachutes here - only honest to God true Military Round Parachutes - "STAND IN THE DOOR" with the European Paratroopers Association!
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