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Airborne School 21

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Assault Rifle & Machine Gun Courses

Saturday, 05 January 2013 00:00
A recent addition to our firearms training program are the newly introduced Assault Rifle and Machine Gun Courses. For our members who have previously taken advantage of our tactical firearms courses we now offer individual and squad automatic weapon training that teaches you the advanced combat shooting techniques and tactics. This courses are the absolute best military firearms training available on the European Continent. The training is conducted with real military weapons - assault rifles (full-auto) and machine guns. On request you are provided, upon graduation, with official certification and documentation that is approved by the sponsoring European Security Agency.
A new course to be offered to our members for 2013 is our K9 (Canine) Handler Training Course. K9 Handler Course lengths are set to ensure optim ...
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For those, units and groups, who can’t joined our courses at our Centers, we have designed specific Training Teams. If you can't make it to us ...