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Airborne School 21

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Planned Events 2012

Monday, 02 January 2012 00:00
2011 it has been an amazingly busy year for the EPA and its members – and 2012 looks to be even more so! Through our excellent contacts, also this year the European Paratroopers Association is organizing basic and advanced military parachuting, combat training, tactical medical and for the very first time tactical waterborne training. All active, reserve and retired soldiers can join us as members and take part in our training courses. Stand by for news on the training missions and operations for 2011.
The EPA’s Military Training Center - Combat Division will provide a very extensive both day and night field operations and search course to a ...
For the very first time the Close Quarter Combat course will be offered to our members next April 2012. This training will be up close and viole ...
A delegation of the European Paratroopers Association was invited as guest to the French Foreign Legion's traditional festival of Camerone in Au ...