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Tuesday, 23 May 2023 00:00

On May 22nd the European Paratroopers Association (EPA) has finalised a cooperation agreement with the Bulgarian Union of Paratroopers (UBP), the Bulgaria’s largest military-patriotic organization in this field. The aim is to intensify cooperation and coordination of the Parties to mutual assistance and obtain a positive result in the implementation of round canopy military parachuting, in the commemoration of fallen comrades, in the promotion of the airborne brotherhood, of the comradeship among soldiers of different nations, and of the international relationships between active and former military parachutists in Bulgaria and Europe. The President of the European Paratroopers Cdr Giulio Festa and the Chairman of the Union of Paratroopers in Bulgaria Col Vladimir Milyovski met at EPA Airborne School in Erden on May 22, 2023. During the constructive meeting, the Presidents confirmed their firm commitment to common Goals. "Today, the European Paratroopers Association and the Bulgarian Union of Paratroopers are taking new steps to strengthen our partnership as we carries out activities for the development and popularization of military parachuting and promoting the international airborne brotherhood" said the EPA President after signing the agreement. Col Milyovski said "Our partnership and cooperation is based on shared values and principles, including support the defense capabilities of the Republic of Bulgaria, NATO and EU, and the military-patriotic education and training of the youth".

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