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Tuesday, 01 November 2022 00:00

Last Mission 2022 in Ukraine was succesfully accomplished on October 26th when a convoy of 3 vans of the European Volunteers Corps (formerly European Paratroopers - Operational Detachment) delivered over three tons of humanitarian aid (food, clothing, medicine and most important standard medical supplies and tactical emergency medical supplies) to the Ukrainian Paratroopers Union, Ukraine Christian Organization and Lviv Volunteering Center who is supplying the war torn areas in the east of the Country that has the biggest need at the moment.

A special thanks goes to MALTA BOXING FEDERATION for the very generous donation of 5000€ of tactical emergency medical supplies, to BRUNO FARMACEUTICI for the donation of over 20000 pcs of pharmaceutical products, and to each of the individual donors that through their donations have made possible this mission!

This was the last mission for 2022 and we are proud to inform you that the humanitarian aid delivered in Ukraine by the European Paratroopers Association EPAID FOR UKRAINE 2022 Project from the start of the war till now reached 70 tons! Really a huge effort that was possible only because of our generous donors and amazing volunteers on the ground!

Again thanks to E-Meds, OneMed, Mastab Transport, Caritas Castrense, Solidarieté-Identités, Malta Boxing Federation, IPMC International, ProDoc, Bruno Farmaceutici, Hambre Cero, Green Cross - Gambettola and Swiss Security Forces Association for their amazing support who made EPAID FOR UKRAINE 2022 Project possible.


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