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Friday, 01 July 2022 00:00

The European Paratroopers Association (EPA) has been working in Ukraine since 2019 and continues to help those living through the conflict delivering medical supplies and humanitarian aid. For the people in Ukraine, both military and civilians, war is a tragedy that is affecting their lives. By receiving medical supplies and humanitarian aid, those people are having a better life and feeling more secure.

From the beginning of the war till now over 64 tons of essential supplies was delivered in Ukraine by the EPA's Operational Detachment (recentely renamed European Volunteers Corps) volunteers. Hundreds of thousands of people in war-torn Ukraine don't have those essential needs and suffering from the effects of the conflict. You can help make a difference by donating what you can for our project! Your donation will help to buy medical supplies, food, water, baby food and products, and hygiene material. Your donation will improve the lives of many people, military and civilians, fighters, children and families in war-torn Ukraine.

With your support we can do more! Get involved in the EPAID FOR UKRAINE 2022 Project supporting our fundraising campaign! DONATE NOW!

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