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Thursday, 24 March 2022 00:00

Dear Comrades and Friends,

Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th other 2 tons of humanitarian aid (food, diapers, hygiene products) was delivered to the Military Sport Center (SKA) in Lviv, that guests refugees coming from the war thorns areas in eastern Ukraine and to Ukraine Christian Organization in Lviv who will deliver the supplies in the war thorns areas of the country. Our volunteers was awarded with a certificate of appreciation from the the SKA Commander, thank you Roman for your friendship and the great cooperation. Thank you Thomas, Ismael and Ivanna for the great work done! A special thanks goes to our wonderful donors for their great support. Job well done! Airborne!!!


We are working hard! But to continue work we need your SUPPORT! Only your donations make our work possible! Please support our Operational Detachment and our Humanitarian Mission in Ukraine! DONATE NOW!



Giulio Festa

EPA President