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Friday, 04 March 2022 00:00

Dear Comrades and Friends,

The first donations of medical equipment and humanitarian aid, worth several thousand Euros are coming to our Operational Detachment. Yesterday three vans containing 3 tons of medical equipment and humanitarian aid coming from Denmark and Lithuania was delivered at our collection point in Poland and will soon delivered to our comrades in Lviv, Ukraine. Today the first truck containing 10 tons of medical equipment and humanitarian aid organised by our Swedish Airborne brothers was sent this morning to our comrades in Ukraine. From our re-loading point in Poland it went straight into Ukraine where it will be divided into smaller pots and then shipped to the field medical stations that has the biggest need at the moment.


Thank you Carl, Mathias, Vytautas and Andriy for the great work and coordination, and of course a special thanks to Meds, MedOne, Prodoc, Mastab for the amazing donation as well as for the quick response and hard work. Job well done Brothers!


We can do more but we need your help! Your donations will make our work possible! Please support our Operational Detachment and our Humanitarian Mission in Ukraine! DONATE NOW!



Giulio Festa

EPA President