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Sunday, 13 February 2022 00:00

Dear Comrades and Friends,

The Biden administration hysteria claiming that a Russian attack to Ukraine is imminent, supported by the huge mainstream media fear campaign, is escalating the tension unnecessarily with the sole result of making an otherwise highly unlikely war really possible. The Anglo-Americans' hasty and blatant withdrawal of its embassy staffs followed in this hours by the advising of most of the Western countries' Ministries of Foreign Affairs to their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately is further contributing to esasperate the climate of fear and insecurity.

This climate is really dangerous and as the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the US invasion warnings stoke panic. Injecting war hysteria into the people contributes to further destabilizing the country and Eastern Europe as well as the fear and insecurity felt by the wole world community. “I think there’s too much out there about a full-scale war” and “The best friend for our enemies is panic in our country, and all this information only creates panic, it doesn’t help us,” said President Zelensky, who has been saying for weeks that the tone of the US messaging is helping to cause panic and economic pain in Ukraine. We at the European Paratroopers totally agree with President Zelensky and we wish that USA immediately de-escalate the tension.

From our side, we want to reassure our members and friends that here in Ukraine the security situation is no different from that of last year, so our events will go on as scheduled. We are here in Ukraine and we stay open, so do not hesitate to register and take part in our upcoming jump events, and most importantly, continue to support our Operational Detachment and our upcoming Training and Humanitarian Mission 2022 to provide medical training assistance and carry essential medical first aid equipment, and humanitarian supplies to our Ukrainian airborne brothers in the war-torn eastern Ukraine.



Giulio Festa

EPA President

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