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Monday, 05 April 2021 00:00

Dear Comrades and Friends, The European Paratroopers Association is pleased to announce the posting of the Event Calendar 2021! We had a first succesfully accomplished jump event in February, the 115th BAC, and we are looking forward to welcome you on the Drop Zone!

We know that this are times of uncertainties of hardship, trials and tribulations because of lockdowns, restrictions on people's movements and limitation of freedom imposed under the guise of health safety and security. We think and hope that those restrictions will be less strong in the summer allowing people to easier travel. This may create a significant increase in the demand of our courses and exercises between June and August, so we decided to duplicate the events planned for June, July and August to improve our offer in order to provide our members with the best service possible. As usual we are inviting several military instructors, jumpmasters and training officers from all over the the world to join our events in order to award our members with foreign military awards and wings.

As we all know, this year marks an important anniversary in the history of Military Parachuting, the 80th anniversary of the German airborne assault codenamed Operation Mercury, which took place on 20 May 1941 during World War Two. The operation was the first ever strategic airborne operation successfully accomplished in history, and we at the European Paratroopers want to commemorate and honour the bravery of German Fallschirmjäger organizing the KRETA MEMORIAL, a full week event in Creta that will culminate with a commemorative jump on the historical Drop Zone. This year marks also another important milestone for the European Paratroopers Association, its 20th anniversary, and we decided to celebrate in the best way possible organizing an amazing 20 ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION with a dinner & party and special events, a military proficiency/sport competition, a marksmanship competitions, as well as a parachute jump exercise at a discounted rate of 40%!!!

This year we have also some news about venues and improvements. We moved our Airborne School from Partizanske in Slovakia to Lviv in Ukraine. We hadn’t planned to move our School from Slovakia, infact the decision was largely forced upon us due to international crisis, so in February we have moved to Ukraine and picked up our business and training. We know that you, our members will be amazed by the new location and at the vastly improved courses and exercises, and will appreciate the true realistic miltary round canopy training courses and parachute jump exercises offered by our Airborne School. So let's go the Event Calendar is online, check it out and sign up now and secure your slot - or slot for your team by clicking here.