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Airborne School 21

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Sunday, 04 April 2021 00:00

This year marks an important milestone for the European Paratroopers Association, its 20th anniversary. It represents more than just the passage of time. It is the culmination of two decades of military parachuting, airborne training, courses, and operations as well as international events and ceremonies with active and former military parachutists across the Europe and worldwide. The Association was founded and incorporated in Italy on August 2001 as the European Military Parachute Association by a group of active, reserve and retired paratroopers of European Union, NATO and friendly countries' armed forces to form a powerful organization in Europe dedicated to provide training in military static line round canopy parachuting and to promote the airborne brotherhood among soldiers of different nations. Less than 36 months later, we adopted the present name of “European Paratroopers Association”. Over the years, under the leadership of President Giulio Festa and his staff the European Paratroopers Association developed a strong organization for supporting the airborne community, providing the absolute best airborne training available on the European Continent, basic and advanced airborne courses and parachute jump exercises in accordance to military standards as well as a place where active and former military parachutists coming from different countries can meet and jump together with international jumpmasters in order to be awarded their national wings that build valuable ties between soldiers of different nations. Today, the European Paratroopers Association’s work continues. We are a recognized leader organization in military parachuting; known for its commitment to shaping the future of the round canopy parachuting, which each year attract thousands of members and the full participation of top military units. But it wouldn’t be where it is today without its members. It is the strength spirit of the comradeship as well as their dedication to the airborne brotherhood that has helped this organization endure for the last 20 years. Our members are the reason for the organization’s longevity and here at European Paratroopers we decided to celebrate in the best way possible organizing an amazing 20 ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION with a dinner & party where the EPA Loyal Service Medal will be presented for the first time to the members who have been part of the European Paratroopers for 20, 15, 10 or 5 consecutive years, as recognition of their loyalty and their years with the Association, and by offering our members special shooting and military sport events, as well as a parachute jump event at a discounted rate of 40%!!!