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Saturday, 26 December 2020 00:00

We 'd like to provide you with the following important information about the status of the European Paratroopers "FOR WAR ON VIRUS" - COVID-19 Service Medal. The deadline for submitting nominations for the Covid-19 Service Medal award is March 15, 2021. If you have not yet requested the medal, do so now, European Paratroopers members and friends can apply for the medal if they meet the criteria, so you may contact our Medal Office in the first instance.


Medal Awarding Criteria

The COVID-19 Service Medal can be awarded to current members of the European Paratroopers Association but also to the armed forces, health and medical services, civil protection organizations, police and firefighters personnel, and to all volunteers who have made outstanding contributions during the crisis. This includes who have supported those operators by producing and donating personal protective equipment, as well as to everyone else who, with dedication, generosity and sincerity provided outstanding contributions. The same medal may be awarded to the COVID-19 survivors and to the people who were helping them dedicating their care, as well as may be awarded posthumously to a designated survivor of the deceased.


Medal & Ribbon Description

The medal is an antique bronze color metal disc 35 mm in diameter. The obverse depicts a triangle (international symbol of the civil defence) with above a biohazard symbol superimposed with a CBRN Gas Mask, (to symbolize the “war on virus”). At the top of the medal is the inscription: "FOR WAR ON VIRUS" and on the bottom is a piece of barbed wire (to symbolize the front-line in the pandemic fight). Centered on the reverse of the medal within a barbed wire circle, is the EPA logo. Encircling it is the inscription "EUROPEAN PARATROOPERS". The medal is suspended from a purplish red (international color of the airborne forces), blue and orange (international colors of the civil defence) ribbon 37mm wide. The ribbon has a wide center orange stripe, flanked on either side by a thin blue stripe, with a wide purplish red stripe at the edges.

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