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Friday, 21 August 2020 00:00

The Spartan Order is a decoration of the European Paratroopers Association, which can be awarded to military personnel and civilians alike. This award was authorized by EPA President Giulio Festa on August 21, 2020, in the year that marks the 2500th anniversary of the Battle of Thermopylae to commemorate the sacrifice of King Leonidas and his 300 brave warriors who fallen fighting to the death on the pass of Thermopylae in August/September 480 BC. to secure the existence of the western mankind and a future for the European peoples. The medal is normally conferred by the President of the European Paratroopers Association.


Medal Awarding Criteria

The Spartan Order medal may be awarded to recognize current members of the European Paratroopers Association, as well as serving or retired members of the Armed Forces, uniformed service organizations and patriotic organizations who have distinguished themselves into actions that honor the memory of King Leonidas and his loyal three hundred Spartan Warriors.


Medal & Ribbon Description

The medal is an antique bronze color metal disc 35 mm in diameter. The obverse depicts a stylized Sun Wheel (ancient indo-european symbol of light and power) with above a superimposed Spartan helmet and crossed swords, (to symbolize the military values of Sparta). At the top of the medal is the inscription "MOLON LABE" ("come and take [them]", the laconic phrase attributed to King Leonidas in reply to the demand by Xerxes that the Spartans surrender their weapons). Centered on the reverse of the medal within the inscription "THERMOPYLAE 2500TH ANNIVERSARY", is the number 300 and the inscription "HONOR THEIR SACRIFICE". The EPA emblem is placed at the bottom. The medal is suspended from a purplish red and golden yellow (the traditional colors of the Spartan Nation) 36mm wide ribbon. The ribbon has a 2 millimetres wide purplish red band, a 2 millimetres wide golden yellow band, a 13 millimetres wide purplish red band, a 13 millimetres wide golden yellow band, a 2 millimetres wide purplish red band and a 2 millimetres wide golden yellow band.

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