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Saturday, 06 June 2020 00:00

Mission accomplished! Our fundraising campaign ended on June 1st. A huge thanks and recognition to each and everyone of the 142 donors from Italy, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, United Kingdom, Finland, France, Norway, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Austria, United States, Brazil, Philippines and Singapore, and to the Bruno Farmaceutici S.p.A., Aneva Italia S.r.l. and Sanitaria Fe.Vi. S.r.l. who supported this project and made the EPAID FOR COVID-19 CRISIS a huge success!

Together you have raised €15.630 and we were able to collect and distribute to the local authorities of some of the most affected areas by the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe over 13.000 face masks, 2.700 protective gloves, 1.580 hand sanitizer bottles, 500 shoe covers, 100 protective coveralls and 150 face shields and protective goggles, and other PPEs. The last stock of 6.000 face masks and other hundreds of PPEs was distributed by our Operational Detachment in Spain and Italy this morning, as well as over 3.000 face masks and other hand sanitizer gel was shipped to Ukraine.

A special thanks goes to Dr. Giulio Gallera, Minister of Health and Welfare of Lombardy, Dr. Filippo Gesualdo, Mayor of Ferno, Dr. Enrica Rossi, Director of the Senior Care Center in Lonate Pozzolo, Mr. Francesco Affinito, Coordinator Fahrenheit 451 Lombardy, Mr. Giuseppe Sciarrone, Secretary of the FSP in Milan, Mr. Francisco Javier Diaz Veleiro, Secretary of JUPOL in Madrid, Mr. Roberto Raposo Marcos, delegate of JUPOL in San Blas, Col. Ivan Shevchenko, from the UUP in Kiev and Mr. Ivan Hlushak, Secretary of the OSG in Lviv, who has coordinated the distribution of the EPA's aid. And, of course, thanks to our President, Giulio Festa, for providing the leadership needed to carry out this project, to our Secretary Edyta Wilowska, for providing the necessary coordination and administration support, to our Staff members Alessio Fasano, Carlos Gomez De Luna Justicia and Roger Busetti, and to all the volunteers of the European Paratroopers-Operational Detachment who made this project happen!


Help Us To Be Stronger!

This campaign for COVID-19 crisis ended but to achieve our aims and provide support to governments and military authorities in times of emergency we constantly need to raise money. Our Operational Detachment need to get equipment, training and vehicles vitally needed to deal with disaster relief and other emergencies, as well as we need to replenish medical supplies, food and other emergency supplies to be sent to "Hard Hit" areas. It's important to note that we are not a government body, and we do not have access to government funds. As we get no money from the governments to help us, and all our money comes from our members and private donations, we REALLY are counting on you. We depend on the donations of people like yourselves to sustain our operations. For this, we need your support! So keep donating, if you want to. Thanks again to everyone!




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