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Friday, 15 May 2020 00:00

Today the European Paratroopers - Operational Detachment has distributed the first stocks of PPEs in Italy. More than 2000 face masks, 1000 protective gloves, 500 hand sanitizer bottles was donated to the State Police department of "Greco Turro" in Milan and to the Senior Care Facility "Centro di Accoglienza per Anziani" in Lonate Pozzolo, Varese, "two of the most affected areas by the pandemic in italy" saied Alessio Fasano commander of the EPA-OD Italian Task Force "We decided to distribute to the most vulnerable people that are at highest risk from COVID-19, those working on the frontline as the medical and police operators, and the older people" Fasano continued. At the donation ceremony held at the Police Headquarter in Milan, in the presence of Dr. Giulio Gallera, Minister of Health and Welfare in the Lombardy region of Italy. Also present were the police station chief Dr. Angelo De Simone and the FSP police union secretary Giuseppe Sciarrone. "This donation of many personal protective equipment and hand sanitiser gels is a very significant gesture in support of our men and women in uniform, who every day put their lives on the line to protect all of ours and guarantee to guarantee security and order in our cities" said the Welfare Minister Gallera. At the Senior Care Center in Lonate Pozzolo present were the director of FCAA Dr. Enrica Rossi, as well as EPA staff member Roger Busetti. "More equipment is on the way and thanks to the generous donations of our members and friends others will be bought in the next few days, so in two weeks from now we will be able to donate a second stock of PPEs" saied Busetti. Tomorrow Carlos Gomez De Luna Justicia, commander of the EPA-OD Spanish Task Force will distribute another 2000 face masks, 1000 protective gloves, 500 hand sanitizer bottles and other PPEs also in Madrid, Spain, so please keep donating.




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