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Friday, 05 June 2020 00:00

Dear Comrades and Friends,

We hope this message finds you well and healthy. The past few months have been hard for many of us, but finally we are returning to normality. There are no major issues at EU countries and since May 30th Slovakia has decided to furtherease the restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Slovakian borders will be opened as of June 15th and all road and railway crossings along the borders will reopen, as well as most of the international airlines will re-start flying.

So we are glad to inform you that as of June 15th the European Paratroopers-Airborne School will be opened and will work as planned. All our jump events will go on as scheduled, so do not hesitate to register and take part in our upcoming courses and exercises. You can book dates here.

We kindly invite everyone who has booked and paid in full for the events that was scheduled to run in April, May and June, to check dates on our calendar and let us know (no later than June 15th) which date they would prefer to be rescheduled. Please note that if you have a booking those months and you will not let us know which date you would prefer to come we will move you to August or to another date.


Now we want to take this opportunity to inform you that our humanitarian project EPAID FOR COVID-19 CRISIS was a huge success, our Operational Detachment was really active and carried out the initiative. During these difficult months, here at the European Paratroopers Association, we never stopped working. We launched a successful fundraising campaign and thanks to the generosity of our members and friends a total of €15.630 was raised and over 18.000 pieces of equipment, both masks and other PPEs was collected and distributed to the local authorities of some of the most affected areas by the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe.

We are also proud to inform you that on May 9th a Special Medal "FOR WAR ON VIRUS" was instituted by the European Paratroopers Medal Office to award the EPA members and non-members alike who have served in the fight against COVID-19. This to show them that not only we do care and thank them, but we show our gratitude as well, with an award that is recognized by the world all over.


The mission was successfully accomplished! Now it's time to take back our lives, and our future! We are looking forward to welcome you at our Drop Zone!


Giulio Festa

President European Paratroopers Association

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