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Sunday, 23 February 2020 00:00

The European Paratroopers Association was invited on February 23, 2020 to the military parade to celebrate the LXVI anniversary of the founding of the paratroopers forces of the Spanish army at the "Principe" Base in Paracuellos del Jarama (Spain). Our delegation led by EPA Staff Member Carlos Gómez de Luna Justicia attended the event where the first parachute jump of the Spanish army on 23 February 1954 was remembered. The military parade included an imposition of decorations, the awarding of the title of Knight Almogávar Paratrooper of Honor, and the characteristic February 23 Trophy (a sporting event in which paratrooper units compete). The event ended with the parade of the participating units and a parachute jump by about twenty military personnel. We are very grateful for the invitation to the Commader of the "Bripac" and to the president of the veteran paratroopers of ASVEPA Asturias, Mr. Jose Antonio Martinez Piedra, as it has allowed us to fraternize with paratroopers and veterans, for us it has been a great honor. We are looking forwards for more cooperation with our Spanish airbone brothers. ¡DESPERTA FERRO! ¡TRIUNFAR O MORIR! (Spanish paratroopers motto).

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