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Sunday, 16 February 2020 00:00

The European Paratroopers Association was awarded for outstanding meritorious service to the Ukraine with the Medal For Service To The Community and with the Medal For Charity Actions during an official ceremony, held here at the War Veterans Affairs building in Kiev, February 15, 2020. The Ukrainian Airborne Veterans, honored the European Paratroopers Association attending the ceremony and conferring the awards onto the EPA’s colors. “In this years the European Paratroopers Association did an amazing work in favor of the airborne community, as well as to the community in general. It’s humanitarian initiatives, from the military funeral honors for the Ukrainian War Veteran Dmytro Zinchenko to the fundraising for the Orphan Center in Lviv, demonstrated a strong and enthusiastic support to the Ukrainian People,” said Colonel Alexander Denisov, board member of the Ukrainian War Veteran Organization and promoter of the event. “For those reasons, we decided to give them the Ukrainian medals for service to the community and for charity actions.” “Today we commemorate twelve years of cooperation with Ukrainian paratroopers in a ceremony where all our members and friend can recognize the European Paratroopers Association’s hard work to promote the airborne brotherhood and the military parachuting” said Commander Giulio Festa, the President of European Paratroopers Association, who has led the Association’s delegation in Kiev. “For us the award is in recognition of EPA’s commitment to the our Ukrainian airborne brothers”. “It signifies the importance of the relationship we have and solidifies that relationship going forward.” As recognition to the services rendered and to the great work done in favor of the European Paratroopers Association the Colonel Alexander Denisov was awarded with the EPA Merit Cross by President Giulio Festa. “The ceremony is also an opportunity to thank all the Ukrainian comrades who have helped this Association develop in its training operations” said President Festa. “Operations that since 2008 have enforced the friendship of EPA with Ukrainian paratroopers and special forces” Notably, the Ukrainian Airborne Veterans also individually recognized the President and four members from the European Paratroopers Association for their contributions to the airborne community. The EPA president, Com. Giulio Festa was awarded with the Ukrainian Airborne Order of First Class (Gold) and the EPA members, 2nd Lt. Vasileios Kolios, Sgt. Kazas Paraskevas, Sgt, Stavros Dikaios and Cpl. Nikolaos Aggelinios was awarded with the Ukrainian Airborne Medal for Excellent Service.

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