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Monday, 16 December 2019 00:00

Dear Comrades and Friends,

The European Paratroopers Association is pleased to announce the posting of the jump calendar 2020! More military proficiency, marksmanship, marching and sport events as well as commemorative and social events not yet show will be added soon to the calendar. We know that you, our members and friends will be amazed at the vastly improved courses and operations, and will appreciate the true realistic miltary round canopy training courses and parachute jump exercises offered by our Airborne School. For this new year, through our excellent contacts, we have invited several military instructors, jumpmasters and training officers from all over the the world to join our events in order to award our members with foreign military awards and wings. So let's go the Event Calendar is online, check it out and sign up now and secure your slot - or slot for your team by clicking here.

2020 Jumps calendar

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