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Saturday, 07 December 2019 00:00

Dear Comrades and Friends,

European Paratroopers - Airborne School expands with 10 more parachutes, bringing EPA's stock of parachutes to 60. We are always proud to offer our members one of the most safe, true and realistic military parachuting training available on the European continent. For that reason we are glad to announce that we have bought 10 brand new T-10D main parachutes. The new parachutes  will replace the ones that was stolen at Pribram Airport in Czech Republic a few time ago. Before today’s announcement, EPA’s Airborne School had 50 total parachutes in use, now it will grow to 60. The European Paratroopers' entire parachute stock is made up of the MC1-1D and T-10D, and related T-10R (MIRPS/SLCP) reserve parachutes. Some of the most efficient parachute systems used by airborne forces throughout the world. The new parachutes will increase the capacity and potential of our Airborne School and will support our expansion and development plans.

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