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Join the European Paratroopers Association, become part of the world's most exclusive military parachutist organization.

Airborne School 21

Take part in the absolute best airborne training available on the European Continent and qualify as military parachutist.



Wednesday, 14 February 2018 00:00

The European Paratroopers Association Operational Detachment (EPA-OD) is the Association's group dedicated to support the EPA Board of Directors in its aims, and to assist the Governments in times of need. It's a voluntary uniformed elite group inside the Association grouping together the members with an exellent military background and with special skills and experience, providing local communities with a well-trained and disciplined body of men and women dedicated to serving the community whenever called upon to do so. The EPA-OD may provide manpower and expertise to assist Governments and local authorities in operations of civil defence, as well as search and rescue. It was first established as the EPA Special Operation Group in 2004 for search and rescue missions in support of the local authorities.

Being elite requires another level of training. Are you ready?  Join Us NOW!


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