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Saturday, 10 December 2016 00:00

New Colours to the European Paratroopers Association.

On 28 October 2016, the President of the European Paratroopers, LTC Giulio Festa, presented the new Colours to the members of the Association. "The origins of the Colours can be traced back to banners which were used in the field of battle. Although their use in modern times is now confined to ceremonial activities, the Colours are one of the proudest possessions of any military organizations, and they are treated with special veneration", said the President, adding "The presentation of the new Colours marks the turning of a page in the history of our great Association". The Colour Guard, the detachment of paratroopers assigned to the protection of the Colours, is composed by three EPA officers. The colour is carried by CPT Alessio Fasano, two more EPA officers are assigned to the protection of the banner. Since our colour guard was formed in August 2006 it has presented the colors at meetings, parades, grave, and other military ceremonies. The Colour Guard wear the EPA uniform and carry the European Paratroopers Banner, designed by LTC Giulio Festa in December 2004.

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