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MSC 2016

Saturday, 27 February 2016 00:00
The 3rd edition of our Military Sport Competition will be held in Salerno, Italy on. EPA members will have the great opportunity to perform three full days of military sport and to earn differents prestigious military sport and marksmanship badges. Upon successful completion of all requirements participants will be awarded the US Army Physical Fitness Badge, the German Armed Forces Military Proficiency Badge, the LFVR Militay Physical Fitness Badge and the European Military Sport Badge and US Army Marksmanship Qualification Badge and much more. The EPA Military Sport Competition is designed to give our members a true international military sport experience and to improve their military physical training skills and knowledge. The aim of this challenge is emphasize international contacts with active and former military parachutists, promote the airborne brotherhood, the comradeship among soldiers of different nations, and give our members exciting training opportunities, as well as give them the options of earning a set of foreign military sport badges. For questions and further information please ask us by clicking here.

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