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Join the European Paratroopers Association, become part of the world's most exclusive military parachutist organization.

Airborne School 21

Take part in the absolute best airborne training available on the European Continent and qualify as military parachutist.


Military Training Center's MTT

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 07:19
For those, units and groups, who can’t joined our courses at our Centers, we have designed specific Training Teams. If you can't make it to us, we'll come to you! All EPA-MTC curriculums can be exported to any location via the Mobile Training Team (MTT). All EPA-MTC curriculums can be amended or specifically developed for a particular unit. Contact us to discuss the specific needs of your military or law enforcement unit. Our MTT classes will have a special pricing plan based on the course and number of students. We can modify any of our current curriculum to design custom classes for their members that can't find what they need within our normal curriculum. EPA's Military Training Center offers realistic combat focused training in all aspects of modern warfare. Our tactics and training techniques are combat proven and currently used in the International Special Operations arena. We are constantly evolving our training to meet the current threat. With several years of tactical training experience we can quickly enhance your abilities. Our training staff has been in harms way and realizes what is important and relevant in training. We train to proven established principles and highlight effective techniques to accomplish the mission. Our Instructors will treat you with the respect that you deserve as a fellow Operator....a fellow Warrior! We are all on the same side... we all have the same mission.
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