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Airborne School 21

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Parachute Jump Exercise with the EPA’s MTC.

On 26-28 April the EPA’s Military Training Center conducted the Parachute Jump Exercise in Pribram, Czech Republic. It was our first jump event this year as well it was the first jump exercise with our new MC1-1C parachutes that have replaced the glorious but now largely obsolete OVP-68/76A parachutes used in the past years in the Czech Republic. This exercise was a great opportunity for our members - coming from Italy, France, United Kingdom and USA - to advance their jump skills, meet fellow paratroopers and old comrades as well earn the Czech Army parachute badge and several other military parachutist wings by the host Unit’s responsible JMs. A special thanks goes to our parachute riggers that supported this exercise professionally packing the  parachutes to a safe standard. Our Parachute Jump Exercise it's true military static line, round' chute jump event with NATO & other European Army Jump Master guests... Our airborne training is true, realistic and safe, no 'skydiving' with civilian parachutes here - only honest to God true Military Round Parachutes.