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Sunday, 14 September 2014 17:43

HJV's Counter-Terrorism Exercise.

On the 12-14 of September the European Paratroopers Association was invited to Denmark on a Counter-Terrorism training exercise with HJV's Military Police Company Amager. The EPA President, Lt.Col. Giulio Festa and the staff member, Capt. Emilio Buffardi was attending the exercise. They participated in semunition training, live firing exercise and guarding a military installation with actors as terrorists, policemen and much more. In the night time there were combat patrols that trained the participants in house clearing, tactical first aid and how to clear enemy camps. During the exercise Lt. Col. Festa and Capt. Buffardi trained the Danish participants in Marksmanship and Hand To Hand. Festa conducted the LFVR Marksmanship Qualification Test and Buffardi conducted the EPA Hand To Hand Combat Stage. All the participants that attended the training and got the demanded score, was awarded with LFVR Skill At Arms and EPA H2H Combat badges and certificates. During the awarding ceremony EPA Wall Plaque Display and Appreciation Certificates was presented to the Police-Homeguard Company Commander, Captain Henrik Bruun and to the exercise commander Sergeant Mathias Groning by the EPA President Giulio Festa. Captain Henrik Bruun were so glad that the EPA guests participated and trained his soldiers that he awarded them with a rare Company Shield that is only given to special allies and special guests. Lt. Col. Giulio Festa and Capt. Emilio Buffardi are now honorable members of the Company.


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Training in Denmark