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Airborne School 21

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Monday, 22 May 2023 00:00

European Paratroopers Military Parachuting Training.

The 138th EPA Basic Airborne Course was successfully held at European Paratroopers Airborne School in Erden, Bulgaria from 16 to 22 May. During the course the airborne students coming from Sweden, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, South Africa, United States and Australia have learned the principles of the airborne tactics and techniques, and how to conduct parachute jump operations with military static line round canopy parachutes in accordance with NATO standards. Exit-position, behavior below the parachute, malfunctions, safety procedures, emergency landings, parachute landing falls, suspended harness training and mock door training was stressed during the full three days of ground training. After the ground training portion of the course the students have conduct the jump portion of the course and culminate the training successfully completing three parachute jumps with the T-10 parachute at 600 meters from an AN-2 Antonov (NATO reporting name Colt) aircraft together with experienced military parachutists, paratroopers and jumpmasters coming from Bulgaria, Germany, United States, Ukraine, Italy United Kingdom, Sweden and Turkey. Students all performed well and successfully qualified as military parachutists and earned the coveted airborne wings and the prestigious Bulgarian paratrooper badge. Experienced jumpers conducted both non-tactical and tactical jumps, as well as a few free fall jumps and had the honor to earn coveted foreigin airborne wings.


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EPA jumpers 138 BAC