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Airborne School 21

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Sunday, 10 October 2021 00:00

European Paratroopers BAC “Maggiore Mario Rizzati”.

The 125th EPA Basic Airborne Course was successfully held at the Ukrainian Army Sport Complex in Lviv, Ukraine from 06 to 10 October. The Course was named in memory of Major Mario Rizzati, who, during World War Two volunteered in the Italian Army Paratroopers and later as commander of  the 12th Parachute battalion of Nembo Division denied the armistice keep fighting with the German ally and later transferred to the RSI’s “Folgore” parachute regiment, taking part in the battle for the last defence of Rome by the forces of the RSI where he was killed in action with his 18 year-old orderly, Pvt Massimo Rava, by a blast of machine gun fire from a Sherman tank, while the two were attacking the tanks with hand grenades at Anzio-Nettuno in June 44, and being decorated with the Italian Gold Medal of Military Valour and the German Iron Cross 1st class.During the course the airborne students have learned the principles of the airborne tactics and techniques, and how to conduct parachute jump operations with military static line round canopy parachutes in accordance with NATO standards. Exit-position, behavior below the parachute, malfunctions, safety procedures, emergency landings, parachute landing falls, suspended harness training and mock door training was stressed during the full three days of ground training.  After the ground training portion of the course the students was transferred to the Galicia Drop Zone to conduct the jump portion of the course and culminate the training. They all performed the required descents and successfully qualified as military parachutists. Unfortunately two students failed their PLF, the safety technique that allows a parachutist to land safely, and was injured upon landing on their last parachute jump. They was prompt transported to the hospital but upon discharge they was awarded the airborne wings.


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