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Airborne School 21

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Sunday, 07 February 2021 00:00

European Paratroopers BAC “Sgt. Dmytro Zinchenko”.

Thanks to our old and exellent contacts with the Ukrainian Airborne Veterans the first EPA Basic Airborne Course, after the outbreak of the COVID-19 Crisis, was successfully held at the Ukrainian Army Sport Complex in Lviv, Ukraine from 3 to 6 February.

The 115th Basic Airborne Course, named in memory of Ukrainian combat airborne veteran and EPA's Board Executive Member Sergeant of the Guard Dmytro Zinchenko, Was specially reserved to a platoon of the Spanish Army Infantry.

During the course the Spanish Army students have learned the principles of the Airborne tactics and techniques, and how to conduct parachute jump operations with military static line round canopy parachutes in accordance with NATO standards, and practiced with both American and Russian parachute systems, MC-1-1D and D-1-5U.

Exit-position, behavior below the parachute, malfunctions, safety procedures, emergency landings, parachute landing falls, suspended harness training and mock door training was stressed during the full three days of ground training.

After the ground training portion of the course the Spanish Army soldiers was ready to conduct safely their parachute qualification jumps to qualify as military parachutists and transferred to the Drop Zone where they was reached by the EPA members from the Hellenic National Guard for the Toy Drop jumps that was successfully executed on 6 February.

Job well done! AIRBORNE!!!


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