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Tuesday, 09 February 2021 00:00

Airborne Veterans For Children In Need.

Lviv, Ukraine - European Paratroopers Operational Detachment volunteers delivered toys and humanitarian aid to the Lviv Orphan Center No.1 on Feb. 8. The Center is a school and an orphanage, and houses approximately 40 children both male and female aged 3 - 6. This is the second year we visit this center, but sadly this time it was not possible to interact with the children and present them with the "TOY DROP" gifts because of the Covid-19 restrictions. The first visit was organized by our Operational Detachment and occurred on December 19th, 2019, Saint Nicholas Day in the Orthodox Church, and the second visit was planned to happen shortly before Saint Nicholas Day 2020 but was cancelled because of the lockdown. "Today it was finally possible deliver the aid to the center and we are grateful to the Center Director, Dr. Manila Ulyana for giving us the opportunity to visit the center despite the problems due to the lockdown," said Col. Giulio Festa, the Operational Detachment commander. "Make this possible was not easy in this time of uncertainties and tribulations dues to restrictions on people's movements and limitation of freedom". The successful TOY DROP Christmas Charity Project, the European Paratroopers charitable-donation incentive program for paratroopers and veterans on base to raise money for needy children on Christmas Holiday - raises over €2,300 and this was used to buy and bring this gifts and aid in Ukraine. "We are proud and glad to have delivered not only toys but also a big stock of equipment and supplies, like diapers, hygiene products, medical supplies and other equipment as asked for during our initial meeting" said Sgt. Athanasios Stamatis, from the Operational Detachment. "When the 2nd Operation Toy Drop was confirmed I immediately requested to join because as veteran and father of three kids I feel it is important help children less fortunate". We want to thanks each and everyone of you who have generously contributed to our campaign. As always we appreciate your support. Job well done! AIRBORNE!!!


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