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Monday, 21 September 2020 00:00

Battle of Thermopylae commemoration day.

The European Paratroopers members gathered in Greece to honor the sacrifice of those who died in the epic struggle for freedom, drawing to an unforgettable day of commemoration culminated in a 25km military ruck march on the historical battle place.

The commemoration day started yesterday Sunday, September 20th, 2020, in the early morning, with the commemorative ceremony held at the King Leonidas Monument at the Thermopylae, with the laying of a laurel wreath, the “Taps” played by the Bugler and a short speech of the EPA President Giulio Festa, and ended with in the late afternoon with the Spartan Order medal awarding ceremony to the ruck march participants.

President Festa speaking to the troops, said: "Comrades, We are here today, in this holy place to commemorate and honor King Leonidas and his brave 300 Spartan warriors who twenty-five centuries ago fell fighting to the death on the narrow pass of Thermopylae to stop the Asian invasion and secure the existence of the western mankind and a future for the European people. We will never forget their sacrifice. Long live the Sparta Spirit! Long live Hellas! Long live Europe!" Then the EPA Sgt. At Arms Georgios Kasagiannis shouted "MOLON" to which everyone replied "LABE" which was repeated 3 times. The area was surrounded by mountain and the monument’s wall so it gave the wildest echo and resounded over the area and up the mountain, it was so vibrant that we all felt the buzz of history and the power of our ancestors running through every vein of our bodies.

After the ceremony, the participants went over and had their backpacks checked and they started the ruck march.

Job well done Brothers! AIRBORNE!!!


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