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Tuesday, 22 September 2020 00:00

Thermopylae 2500th Anniversary.

The EPA members gathered in Greece to honor the sacrifice of those who died in the epic struggle for freedom, drawing to an unforgettable day of commemoration culminated in a 25km military ruck march on the historical battle place. On Sunday, September 20th, 2020 after the commemorative ceremony held at the King Leonidas Monument at the Thermopylae, the participants went to the registration tent to get their starting card validated and their backpacks checked and at 07:40 they started the 25km Spartan March that took place on the historical battle place, wearing their backpack with either 10 or 20 kg where water and food are not included.

“The main purpose of the march is to commemorate and honor the 300 Spartans who twenty-five centuries ago fallen fighting to the death on the narrow pass of Thermopylae to secure the existence of the western mankind and a future for the European peoples.” said Commander Giulio Festa, President of the European Paratroopers Association and event’s organizer. “It's also a good opportunity to demonstrate the physical preparedness of the EPA members as well as socialize and promote the airborne brotherhood and the comradeship among soldiers of different nations".

Participants included Greek, Italian, German, Polish, Serbian, Swedish, Danish, Belgian and British active and reserve soldiers and policies, members of our Association. The time limit for the competition was 8 hours. The march started at the adjacent King Leonidas monument, went through the goat path and ended at the starting line. As each participant trickled past the finish line under the Leonidas Monument, they were presented with the Spartan Order medal and a certificate commemorating the completion of this epic event. The first participant, regular category, to complete the arduous 25km march was First Sergeant Hans Hedin, a former Swedish Army Ranger, who finished in just 5 hours and 6 minutes while wearing a rucksack of 10 kilograms. The first, special category, participant to finish the race was Private  Georgios Tragkas, a Greek Reserve SF and EPA Guidon bearer, finished in 5 hours and 20 minutes while wearing a rucksack of 20 kilograms.

Job well done Brothers! AIRBORNE!!!


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