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Thursday, 10 November 2016 15:58

Police Special Operations Training.

On 1-5 November we have conducted in cooperation with the Military Training Center the 6th Edition of the SWAT WEEK. The SWAT WEEK is our annual police special operation training event designed to familiarize students with the combat response concepts, methods and tactics used in urban high risk scenarios by the U.S.'s  Special Weapons And Tactics units. EPA members coming from Italy, Greece, United Kingdom and Australia had the great opportunity to perform five days of the absolute best Police Special Operations tactical training available on the European Continent with a SWAT Instructor that have a long experience in the field. Our Senior Class Instructor is coming from a nationally accredited agency of the United States of America, he is a veteran of the San Antonio Police Department SWAT Team, the SAPD is one of the U.S.'s most prominent Police Departments and the SAPD SWAT is one of the oldest SWAT units in US Police history. The five full days of tactical training course focused on the US Police SWAT tactics and techniques. Close quarter combat, armed and unarmed combat response, building clearing, breaching and door entry techniques, hostage rescue, tubolar assaults and urban high risk scenarios was instructed and performed. The course provided our students the latest real life instruction and training on engaging the enemy at room distances. Quickly acquiring and identifying the target and making the life or death decision to fire in a split second was stressed during the training. Come ready to shoot, move and communicate was also be taught and practiced.Upon completion of all requirements students were awarded the prestigiouse US SWAT badge.


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