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18:00 to 02:00
Hotel-Resort Panska Gora
E40 Road, Sokilnyky village, Lviv region, 81130 Ukraine
European Paratroopers annual Christmas dinner and social to celebrate together the end of the year.

Event Information

2021 Christmas Dinner WEBSenza-titolo-5



To celebrate the end of 2021 we invite you and your families to join us for our annual Christmas Dinner & Social. The dinner is the most important event of the year for our Association, and it serves a dual purpose: providing our members with their families and friends the chance to socialize and celebrate together the end of the year, and servicing needy children in Europe with a charity fundraising that will give them the opportunity to receive toys and supplies for the Christmas Holidays. This year the event will be held at the Hotel-Resort Panska Gora in Lviv, Ukraine, on Saturday, December 18. The evening will begin with cocktail hour starting at 6:00 p.m., followed by the dinner at 7:00 p.m. and by the charity auction and the awarding ceremony at 9:00 p.m., the night will continue with live music, christmas quiz and raffle. The funds from the event will go to the Toy Drop - Airborne Veterans For Children In Need - Project supported by our Operational Detachment. Tickets are €58.00 per person (EPA Members and their Families) and €68.00 per person (Guests) and the dress is EPA Social Uniform/Class A Uniform (Military personnel) and Semi-Formal/Formal Attire (Civilian personnel). At the time of the event the EPA Honor Cross, the EPA Merit Cross, the EPA Loyal Service Medal, as well as other internal and international decorations will be awarded to our members or non-members who offered their meritorious service, continuous commitment or financial support to the Association’s activities and operations. Auction prizes are sought for the benefit of the Operational Detachment who will care of the charity. I’m sure all of you will both enjoy this great event and the cultural and social life of Lviv and the Galicia/Western Ukraine. Any attendees requiring accommodation are advised that the Hotel-Resort Panska Gora can arrange rooms, suites and cottages at special rates, especially if booked early. For those who want to attend our Jump and/or Marksmanship events, there is also the option of a 3 day package (with transfer to the Shooting Range and Drop Zone and back to Hotel). Please contact the office if you are interested in the whole package.



EPA Social Uniform/Class A Uniform (Military personnel); Semi-Formal/Formal Attire (Civilian personnel).



18:00 Reception Drinks. 19:00 Dinner (a cash bar will be available during and after dinner). 21:00 Charity Auction and Awarding Ceremony. 22:00 Live Music, Christmas Quiz and Raffle. 02:00 Guests depart.



Reception: Champagne and Canapés. Starters: Italian Antipasto (Prosciutto crudo, gorgonzola, grana padano cheese, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, salami, nostrano and milano, breadsticks grissini, ciabatta); Assorted fish (Tiger shrimps, salted salmon, cold smoked oily fish); Caesar Salad (Mix of salad, grilled chicken, bacon, croutons, grana padano cheese, cherry tomatoes, caesar dressing); Fried cheese (Camembert cheese fried in breadcrumbs until golden brown with berry jam). Soup: Creamy spinach soup (Broth, spinach, onion, cream, sesame seeds, bread sticks with sesame, feta cheese and grana padano cheese). First Course: Tagliatelle with mushrooms (Pasta, white mushrooms, cremy sauce). Main Courses: Beef medallions with asparagus in blue cheese sauce (Juicy beef tenderloin with asparagus, tender carrot puree and blue cheese sauce); Sausage Mix (Homemade sausages: veal sausage, pork sausage, chicken and rabbit sausages, onion rings, pita bread, cocktail sauce and spicy sauce); Fish plateau (Dorado, trout, salmon, perch fillets, steam vegetables, sauce aioli, sauce citrus, sauce caesar). Side Dishes: Grilled vegetables and Baked potatoes (Tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, onion, mushrooms, bell peppers, potatoes with rosmary). Desserts: Pandoro (Traditional Italian Christmas sweet bread), Christmas sweets, Berries and cream cake. Drinks: Red and white wine, water. 



The EPA Loyal Service Medal is a decoration instituted in 2021 by the EPA President to recognize the members who have been part of the European Paratroopers for 20, 15, 10 or 5 consecutive years, for their loyalty and their years with the Association. The medal comes in three grades (gold, silver and bronze) and has a oak leaf ribbon device for the 20 years of service. During the dinner all EPA members who meet the criteria will receive the Loyal Service Medal as recognition of their loyalty and their years with the Association. The EPA Honor Cross, EPA Merit Cross and more EPA and international decorations will be awarded to our members and non-members who offered their meritorious service, continuous commitment or financial support to the Association’s activities and operations through the years.


European Paratroopers Awards:

EPA IRON CROSS WEB 2021 EPA Merit Cross WEB 2021





This event is open only to our members. To join it you must be a current member of the European Paratroopers Association - i.e. have paid your annual EPA membership fee 2021. There are two possible fee options for this event, all you have to do is check out these options and select the correct one for you:



For who have already paid the annual EPA membership duesThis rate cover:

1. The Dinner and Social. Traditional Christmas Dinner and Social.



For who have not yet paid the annual EPA membership duesThis rate cover:

1. The Dinner and SocialTraditional Christmas Dinner and Social;

2. The EPA Membership. One (1) year European Paratroopers Association membership.



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