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Op. Detachment

EPA Operational Detachment

The European Paratroopers Operational Detachment is an airborne voluntary uniformed reserve unit dedicated to support the NATO and friendly countries in times of need. The Operational Detachment strive to provide manpower and expertise to assist the governments and the military authorities in times of emergency. Its senior members has extensive operational experience in theatres of warfare ranging from the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Central Asia to the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. Drawing on a lifetime of experience in conventional and special operations warfare. Its military background combine well with its present skills and experience, providing NATO and friendly countries with a very well-trained and disciplined body of men and women dedicated to serving the community when it comes to dealing with disaster relief and other emergencies whenever called upon to do so.


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Help Us To Be Stronger!

The Operational Detachment must be strengthened and enhanced. To achieve our aims we constantly need to raise money. We need to get equipment, training and vehicles vitally needed to deal with disaster relief and other emergencies, as well as we need to replenish medical supplies, food and other emergency supplies to be sent to "Hard Hit" areas. It's important to note that we are not a government body, and we do not have access to government funds. As we get no money from the governments to help us, and all our money comes from our members and private donations, we REALLY are counting on you. We depend on the donations of people like yourselves to sustain our operations. For this, we need your support! With your donation we can reach our goal!


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Join The Airborne Elite!

The Operational Detachment is regarded as the EPA's elite unit. Enrolment in the Operational Detachment is on voluntary basis, applicants must undergo thorough a medical examination and background investigation. They have to buy their own uniforms and personal equipment, they receive no pay and their work is completely voluntary, so they must be ready to finance themselves. The applicants have to pass a selection process. Upon successful completion of selection they must join a special training programme and pass all the requirements.


NOTE: The enrolment to the Operational Detachment is open only to our members. You must be a current member of European Paratroopers Association - i.e. have paid your annual EPA membership fee.


If you are not yet a member, apply now by clicking the “Apply Online” button.