Training Department's Director

Sunday, 06 January 2013 08:16


European Paratroopers Association is proud to welcome SMSgt Michael J. Del Soldato to our elite training cadre as Director of the Training Department and Senior Instructor of the EPA’s MTC - Combat Division. Michael is a 27 year veteran of the US Military serving tours in the US Marine Corps and the US Army in various theaters around the world. He is currently an active member of the US Air Force assigned to Headquarters Air Force Security Forces Center.  During his military career he has been an Infantryman, Reconnaissance Marine, Armorer, and Military Policeman.  He led a multi service protective service detail (PSD) in a combat zone for 27 months.  He is a graduate of multiple sniper courses and is Airborne and Dive qualified.  SMSgt Del Soldato has trained US and foreign military personnel on weapons tactics, long range precision engagement, and PSD operations. Michael has also a 20 year career with a Nationally Certified Police Force. As a Police Officer he has trained Law Enforcement Officers in Defensive Tactics, Patrol Procedures, and firearms tactics. He is a Field Training Officer, Drug Recognition Expert, and Defensive Tactics Instructor.