Monday, 12 October 2015 01:15

EPA's Force Recon Course.

On 9-11 October the EPA’s Military Training Center conducted in Italy the 1st FORCE RECON COURSE 2015. Our students coming from Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Serbia and Brazil have completed a grueling three day course of instruction in the amphibious special operations tactics and techniques...
The course started with classroom instruction and pool work. Then Recon students have received an intensive long-distance surface combat swims, waterborne infiltration, Combat Rubber Raiding Craft (CRRC), and helocast insertion training. The students was also trained in other areas to include insertion/extraction by fast patrol boat, zodiac and helicopter, small boat operations and scout swimming, raid and reconnaissance missions, beach assaults, fire-team movement, maritime and land navigation, reconnaissance and surveillance, clandestine water infiltration. The students excelled and all graduated with their force Recon certifications and pins. We are proud of their accomplishments, we are sure their military units are well. Great job!


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Force Recon Course