Monday, 10 October 2016 00:00

Airborne Operations Training.

On 7-9 October 2016 the EPA’s Airborne School have conducted in Slovakia the last international static line parachute training event for 2016. Paratroopers and military parachutists coming from Greece, Italy, France, Sweden, USA, Ukraine and Slovakia have conducted multiple parachute static line descents out fixed-wings aircraft with current operational military round canopy parachute systems. Jumpers exit from Antonov AN-2 (NATO code name: Colt) airplane at an altitude of 600 meters using T-10D and MC1-1C/D static line, round parachutes. Each jumper have completed 3 jumps to qualified for the European and Slovak Parachutist Badges award. In addition at the end of the exercise, we have hosted a foreign jump exchange followed by a foreign jump wings pinning ceremony where paratroopers from different nations exchanged jump wings. "The EPA parachute jump exercise and wings exchange is symbolic of brotherhood amongst paratroopers," said European Paratroopers President LTC Giulio Festa. “To give our members the exciting opportunity to earn a set of foreign jump wings, we have included to the exercise an international wings exchange event with jump master teams from several nations”.


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Anteprima PJE October 2016