Sunday, 28 August 2016 00:00

Airborne Operations Training.

On 24-28 August 2016 the EPA’s Airborne School have conducted in Slovakia a Parachute Jump Exercise exclusively reserved to the Belgian Para-Commandos Group. During the 5 days of training the Belgian Para-Commando Veterans have received an intensive theoretical and pratical airborne refresher training, in accordance to military standards, by our highly qualified airborne instructors and jump masters coming from NATO's airborne forces. During the airborne refresher training the Veterans have acquired airborne capabilities, skills and knowledge required to execute parachute jump operations with US Army military round canopy parachutes (T-10D and MC1-1C/D). Static line techniques and tactics, parachute jump procedures, behaviour below the parachute, malfunctions, emergency landings and parachute landing falls was emphasized. All the Veterans have performed 3 parachute static line descents with current operational military round canopy parachute systems. Upon completion of all requirements Veterans were awarded the US Army and the European Wings.


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2016 Jump 08 IMG 0641 diascalia2