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Join the European Paratroopers Association, become part of the world's most exclusive military parachutist organization.

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Take part in the absolute best airborne training available on the European Continent and qualify as military parachutist.


who we are


Welcome to the official web site of the European Paratroopers Association, the home of the European Military Parachutists. We hope that you can get all the information you need about who we are and what we do. And now some words about us…

Our Organization

The European Paratroopers Association is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan and non-denominational organization of active, reserve and retired military parachutists founded by a group of European paratroopers in August 2001 as the European Military Parachute Association, and in September 2004 we adopted the present name. Our organization is a recognized non-profit association supported by dues and managed by a Board of Directors elected from among the active members. We support free democratic basic rights. Our membership consists mostly of active, reserve and retired soldiers of European Union, NATO and friendly countries' armed forces.

Our Mission

Our primary Mission is to provide training in military parachuting and airborne tactics and techniques in general. We offer our members the absolute best airborne training available on the European Continent… Basic and advanced airborne courses and parachute jump exercises in accordance to military standards, as well as the amazing chance to take part in several airborne wings exchange events with jump master teams from several nations in order to earn a set of Foreign Jump Wings. We are in touch and have good and close cooperation with elite Military Units in Europe and USA, as well as in Russia and Ukraine in order to performe joint airborne training and take part in different international parachute jump exercises. We support world wide Military Units, Government Reserve Organizations and National Paratroopers Associations interested in and performing military parachute jump training. We organize commemorative jump events and ceremonies to honor our fallen comrades, and promote international social events. We emphasize international contacts with active and former military parachutists in Europe and world wide to promote the airborne brotherhood, the comradeship among soldiers of different nations and international relationships according to the spirit of international understanding and mutual tolerance.

Join Us!

Join the European Paratroopers Association, become part of the world's most exclusive military parachutist organization. Any serving or retired paratrooper (airborne and special force military personnel), serving or retired members of the Armed Forces, as well as any other serving or retired uniformed service personnel and members of veterans organizations can become members of the European Paratroopers Association and take part in our training and social events. Information on the application process of the European Paratroopers Association can be found on the membership page.



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The European Paratroopers Association (EPA) is a non-profit organization legally registered in Italy (Code No. 95125950659). We are a certified training provider and have the required certifications to provide training services. EPA training services meet the military quality levels and standards. Thanks to this high standards, EPA has been recognized as an official NATO supplier (NCAGE code AN876).