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Benefits Of Your Membership

Membership in the European Paratroopers Association will give you many interesting training and social opportunities and will give you the chance to:

  • Get the best comprehensive basic and advanced training in military parachuting, combat tactics, field medical and tactical waterborne. 
  • Take part in our basic airborne courses as well military FF courses to get military parachutists qualifications and improve your parachute skills and experience. 
  • Performe Static Line jump with true military round-canopy systems and Free Fall jump with square systems, tactical jumps, night jumps, and water jumps. 
  • Attend joint military training courses as well as parachute jump exercises with elite Military and Police units to earn official military and police certifications & badge. 
  • Take part in international military ceremonies and parades as well as international military and police meetings, and social events. 
  • Commemorate the combat Veterans and honor the fallen Comrades of all Wars and of all participating Countries in the spirit of the true airborne brotherhood. 
  • Get in touch with active and former paratroopers and police parachutists in Europe and all around the world to enjoy the comradeship among soldiers of different nations. 
  • and much more… 



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